About Us

About us

Who are we?

Octza, founded in June 2021, is a brand new hosting company dedicated to providing the best hosting services. We believe that excellent hosting starts with the team. Octza has achieved our current position due to the small dedicated team spending their day to day life prioritizing development. Octza started as a passing thought between friends. We have spent years trying to find an adequate hosting company that is transparent, has fast loading time and a reliable uptime which meets a satisfactory standard. Here at Octza, we want to provide all of these features on top of premium support and fast specifications.

Goals and Aims

What we plan to achieve

We aim to give back to the world by supporting the oceans and helping to contribute towards a safer environment for our fellow friends in the water. A big priority of ours is to stay green, while providing outstanding service to you. We want to protect the world we all live in. Our servers are powered by wind and hydropower allowing us to fly past our competitors one at a time.

Hosting Companies

What makes us different?

We have been through a numerous of website hosting providers and saw they lacked mostly in support, turns out this is how most companies actually disband shortly after releasing. We are not like that. We strive in providing excellent support when needed and we have a system in play that ensures we answer your messages in a timely manner, so there's no more long waiting times.

  • The beginning

    The passing thought that quite literally changed our lives.

    We started thinking of a name we could use for our idea. We must of wen't through at least 30 different names.

  • It's official

    We are registered as a company!

    Should of saw the smiles on our faces! We were finally going to live out our dreams and create something out of this world.

  • Maintainence is over

    We finally finished the website!

    Now on to the important things. Encryptions, Setting up the servers, and more.

  • Release Day!!

    Time to go public

    Through months of hard work we have finally finished everything and we are ready to release.